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Commercial Solar

Whether it’s a small business or an industrial-sized building, we have the team and the expertise to provide the right commercial solar system for your building needs. Our team of experts include electrical engineers who can provide the support we need to deliver the most appropriate installation for the building structure and ensure all measures are in place to meet large-scale solar safety requirements.

As commercial grade solutions are big investments, our team of solar experts will collaborate with the business to design the ideal solution, including performing thorough assessments and checks of the building, roofing and the existing electrical wiring before suggesting an ideal solar solution.

Feed Your Bottom Line With Solar


The days of being at the mercy of your electricity retailer are gone. Switch to solar and save money.


Choose from a range of payment options for your solar panels including lease, buy, or finance.


Show customers your corporate responsibility by switching to solar energy.

Business Rebates

Government rebates can help small businesses invest in solar – find out if you are eligible.

Let The Power Of Solar Work For You



Solar power is on the rise and it’s not just for residential customers anymore. Businesses are finding that solar energy is not only good for their bottom line, but also good for their corporate image. Installing solar panels is a risk-free investment for businesses with heavy daytime operations.

A large majority of solar installations on businesses are arranged by tenants. This is because the return on investment can often be so fast, that tenants make back their investment before their lease is over. If you lease your property, your landlord may even pay for the installation or come to an arrangement with you to get it installed.

If you are interested in going solar but don’t want to break the bank, then our solar packages are for you. Hello Solar offers solar installations with little to no upfront costs and we provide a range of flexible payment options for your solar panels including lease, buy, or finance.

Have you been thinking about installing solar power for your home or business, but are intimidated by how complicated it can be? Our 6.66kW solar system is the perfect solution for you. This best-selling 6.66kW solar package includes everything you need to start saving money with solar for many years to come.



We Do Solar And We Do It Right

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